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Chicken and Vegetable Salad

Farm to Table 

Pasture raised Whole chickens$3.60 lb (avg 5-7 pounds) 
Chicken eggs $3.00 a dozen                               Pork $3.50 lb hanging weight plus processing$100 deposit for whole$50 for half

Farm store is open everyday. Stocked with what is in season.We have a lot of radishes and lettuce for the U-Pick. U-Pick is on weekends for now. 
We also have one more opening for our jersey herd share. Contact us today to get on the list! 

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Harvesting Wheat

What's new on the farm

With spring just around the corner we are busy ordering seeds for the U-Pick summer garden, pumpkin patch and so on.  Chickens are starting to lay more eggs,the meat chickens are in the brooder ready to get outside on pasture. Pigs will be joining the farm , all kinds of things happening some exciting and some frustrating ( we have been dealing with the barn flooding I guess it's  to be expected with a 121 year old barn). We are also working on getting the farm store and merchandise ready for opening. Join our Facebook page at Mossy Creek Farm to keep updated on all the new things happening!

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Big News 

Hazel has had her baby. A little heifer we named Mossy since she is the first baby born on the farm!
Milk shares will start the first of May!

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Combine Harvester on Field


We have added 5 camping sites on the farm. Go to hipcamp and make you reservations.

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A Place for All

Let Mossy Creek Farm homestead for you! All you have to do is show up and pick the fresh farm food that you an your family will enjoy. We will have a U-Pick summer garden. For family fun for the holidays there will be a pumpkin patch and much more! Sign up for our mailing list for updates!

Wheat Crop
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Kristina lane

If you have any questions about the forum, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to address any of your questions, comments, or concerns.

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Hay Bales

The More You Know

February 11, 2025

Harvesting Wheat

What’s Trending?

February 11, 2025

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